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The Three Musketeers

Welcome to The Three Musketeers podcast! Join Alex, Craig and Wil as they laugh their way through topical discussion, navigate tricky 'Would you rather' scenarios, and battle it out to send the loser extreme ironing.


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Oct 28, 2018

British talent! Is it out there? Does it exist? If The Three Musketeers are anything to show for it, the answer is probably no. Nonetheless, the boys endeavour to identify who Britain has to offer, wade their way through a particularly messy 'Would You Rather?' and play a round of straight-up vanilla 'Would I Lie To You?'.

Oct 21, 2018

The Musketeers are joined by their first special guest as they reminisce about the 90's, thrash out a vacuum-sealed 'Would You Rather?', and play a Phd thesis flavoured game of 'Would I Lie to You?'.

Oct 14, 2018

People are already getting pumped for Christmas, but the Musketeers aren't convinced. They'd much rather focus on more important issues like what they would prefer to have instead of hands, and recreating song introductions with their mouths...

Oct 7, 2018

Alex and Wil blow their own trumpet, Craig debates whether he could put up with an eternity of being surrounded by idiots, and The Musketeers lay down the law in new game, 'Would I Law to you?'